1880s Bartlett store


A legacy of forward-thinking

For over 180 years, we’ve challenged norms and shaped the future — from the products we put on the shelf to the people we bring on our team. Click on a category to explore the milestones that made us who we are today.

Moments of brilliance

Serendipitous strokes of genius and passion-fuelled ideas created iconic brands and defined us as a company.

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Open call for ideas

Our Connect + Develop programme helps us collaborate with innovators around the world to create solutions for our consumers’ needs.

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1973 Bounce packaging


A softener for the dryer: Bounce

With the arrival of tumble dryers in homes, static cling becomes a key issue. P&G finds a new way to deliver fabric softener via a towel. Research quickly leads us to an inventor who had already figured it out, and we acquire the technology. Bounce dryer sheets are introduced as a fresh alternative to liquid fabric softeners.

A corporate force for good

Our employees have been the driving force behind our support for our environment, communities, and people — a practice that has been ingrained in our culture for over a century.

Children smiling and holding a glass of purified water


Building our impact

Each year, we actively continue to integrate citizenship into our business practices. The more we do that, the bigger the impact we can have on the people we serve, the communities where we live and work, and the broader world that surrounds us.

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A member of Tide Loads of Hope programme helping with laundry


Tide Loads of Hope

The programme is launched to help families hit by natural disaster by washing, drying, and folding laundry for them. By 2012, we wash more than 34,000 loads of laundry for families affected by disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, the San Diego wildfires, and Hurricane Ike. In 2017 alone, the Tide Loads of Hope programme washes 3,100 loads of laundry.

Products that broke the mould

P&G's history is full of innovations that solved problems and inspired others in the industry to follow.

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Inventing the products we need

Working with our own experts and innovators and by cooperating with others, we’re identifying the consumer needs that aren’t being met, and developing technology to fulfil them.

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1949 Oral-B soft toothbrush


The soft toothbrush

A Californian dentist invents Oral-B toothbrushes using soft nylon bristles, out of concern for his patients gums. As a small entrepreneur, he sells them only to his dentist friends who in turn recommend the brand to their patients. Oral-B will grow to become one of the largest global brush brands.

Tech that revolutionised the industry

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that there is always a smarter, more efficient, or better way of doing things. This principle has led to P&G products that have changed the way of thinking in the various sectors.

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Keeping the gears moving

We’re constantly working to propel the industry into the future — whether it’s with product and packaging innovations, coming up with creative ways to use data, or finding ways to reinvent our business model.

Various Charmin toilet paper packaging


A new way to make toilet paper

Recognising that people could only buy paper that was either soft or strong, Charmin creates a new way to allow for both in the same tissue, calling it CPF. With this new technology comes the famous ad campaign, “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”.

Practices that improve people's lives

Providing customers with quality products that improve their day-to-day lives has driven our existence for over 180 years.

Image of Alchemy bottle and herbs


Ingredient transparency

We’re committed to continuing transparency about the ingredients we use (and don’t use) so that you can be confident when you choose P&G products.

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Employees of Ivorydale R&D facility


First R&D lab

R&D quickly becomes a critical function at P&G and our first lab is added to the Ivorydale facility. By the 1920s, R&D is an integrated division of our company, employing a staff of several hundred young men and women. The research department develops ways to improve products, then passes on its findings to be translated into new manufacturing processes.

A company that puts people first

What enables us to be one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world is filling our buildings with passionate, inspired, motivated people who believe in going the extra mile, every day.

Children playing with adults


Diversity in everything we do

We believe in diversity and inclusion. That’s why we support it wherever possible — from creating flexible work schedules for our employees to building inclusive playgrounds for children with and without disabilities.

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Diversity Programming


Diversity programming

Two years before the U.S. government mandates it, we initiate a diversity programme for all employees — providing training and support to foster leaders regardless of sex, race, or religious orientation.

Sustainable steps to a brighter future

A snapshot of all our sustainability achievements and endeavours.

Ambition 2030


Ambition 2030

During Earth Week in 2018, we released new sustainability goals for 2030 with one purpose in mind: to make a positive impact on our environment while creating value for our consumers.

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Environmentally-Responsible Flushables


Environmentally responsible flushable wipes

We lead the development of guidelines for flushable products published by The Water Environment Research Foundation in the USA.