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Reducing our footprint one step at a time

More and more, the world is depending on companies to make sustainable choices. As one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, we feel an environmental responsibility to do the right thing. At P&G, sustainability is crucial, and we’re committed to doing our part.

P&G sustainability goals for 2030

During Earth Week in 2018, we released new sustainability goals called Ambition 2030. These broad-reaching goals have one purpose in mind: to enable and inspire positive impact on our environment and society while creating value for us as a company and you as a consumer.

In an effort to address two of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges—finite resources and growing consumption—we’ve focused our ambitious goals in these specific areas.

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2030 Ambition: Brands making a positive impact

In a world where sustainable lifestyles have become more important than ever, we need brands to meet performance expectations while also helping to solve some of the most complex challenges facing our world. That’s why we’re working to make social and environmental responsibility an integral component of every brand in our portfolio. Here’s how.

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Goal: 100% of our leadership brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption

We want all our leadership brands to constantly grow and create value while also having a measurable positive impact on society and our environment.

Ariel 3in1 Pods

The Ariel Ambition is to re-invent a better clean to consume 50% less resources in key impact areas such as energy and water.

Brand 2030 Criteria Brand 2030 Press Release
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Goal: 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable

We plan to make this happen for the majority of our packaging through a combination of material choice, package design, and working with partners to create innovative solutions for more sustainable products.

But the unique challenge lies in the remaining fraction of our packaging, because they use materials and formats in much smaller amounts. By 2030, we’ll come up with solutions through both technical and commercial innovation.

96% to our 2030 goal

2030 goal: Ensure 90% of product packaging is recyclable.

As of 2018, 86% of P&G packages are considered recyclable.

Head & Shoulders

In partnership with TerraCycle and SUEZ, we produced the world’s 1st recyclable shampoo bottle made with up to 25% recycled beach plastic.

Charmin Ultra Soft

Charmin and Puffs have moved to 100% recyclable packaging for many of their products.

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Goal: Build even greater trust through transparency

We know consumers want to know as much as they about our products & the ingredients that go in them. That’s why we’re continuing to provide transparency around our ingredient innovation and safety science.

Tide HE Turbo

Tide purclean™ is certified 65% bio-based, with 100% recyclable packaging, and is produced at a plant that sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

Product Safety ProcessIngredients We UseIngredients For Good
Momentum for change

2017 Momentum for Change Lighthouse Award for world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle made from beach plastic

-United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Windmills and forest

2030 Ambition: Reducing our supply chain footprint

Our goal is to keep the promise of "quality you can trust." That's why behind each P&G product is a supply chain committed to environmental responsibility—from sourcing our ingredients to getting the final product on shelf.

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Goal: Reduce our footprint and aim for circular solutions based on regeneration and restoration

AMBITION #1 100% renewable electricity and cut GHG emissions in half at P&G sites

AMBITION #2 Our sites will deliver a 35% increase in water efficiency and source at least five billion liters of water from circular sources

AMBITION #3 Advance at least 10 significant supply chain partnerships to drive circularity on climate, water, or waste

66% to our 2020 goal

2020 GOAL: Reduce absolute GHG emissions by 30%.
As of 2018, we’ve reduced emissions by 20%.

100% to our 2030 goal

2030 GOAL: Reduce water use in manufacturing facilities by 20% per unit of production.
24% water reduction per unit of production used in P&G manufacturing facilities.


Goal: Protect and enhance the forests we depend upon

We use wood pulp in some of our products, and we have rigorous policies in place to make sure we’re sourcing responsibly from forests certified to the highest standards. But as we look to the future, we want to do more to not only protect, but enhance them.

AMBITION #1 Collaborate with numerous organizations to increase the global area of certified forests, while strengthening certification systems.

AMBITION #2 Lead the charge in efforts to develop products with a Forest Positive approach. Inspired by the World Wildlife Fund, this practice will deliver health benefits that will sustain the forests we depend on.


Each Bounty sheet is 2X more absorbent than the next leading custom-size-it brand. 100% of the wood fiber used to make our paper is from responsibly managed forests.

Charmin Ultra Soft

People can use 4X less Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong than the leading bargain brand—helping to reduce paper waste.


Goal: Improve livelihoods of small palm farmers

As members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, we’re committed to sourcing our palm and palm derivatives responsibly. In areas like Malaysia and Indonesia—which houses our largest supply chain and has a high density of small farmers—we’re implementing local programs to build responsible agricultural practices. This will help small farmers increase their yield while maintaining P&G sustainability standards.

Our Palm Oil Policy
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Climate Leadership Award 2017: Organizational Leader

Recognized for active leadership to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
The US Environmental Protection Agency,
the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions,
and The Climate Registry

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2030 Ambition: A society working together

We’ve put more environmental sustainability goals in place to protect our water and find ways to repurpose waste. But we also know we can’t do it alone. Solving the biggest challenges we face will require collaboration, which is why we are focused on creating partnerships that will enable people, the planet, and our business to thrive.

Clean nature

Goal: Create solutions so no packaging finds its way to the ocean

We’re saddened by what’s happening to the world’s oceans. That’s why we’ve included a plastics pledge in our 2030 goals. Internally, we’re figuring out holistic solutions so that no P&G packaging finds its way to the ocean. We’re also partnering with organizations that have the same goal in mind, and are already finding ways to stem the flow of plastic to the world’s oceans—like the Trash Free Seas Alliance in Southeast Asia.


Fairy Ocean Plastic bottles are made from 10% ocean plastic and 90% post-consumer recycled plastic. The 100% recyclable bottles were launched to show what can be done to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean.

Washing the dishes

Goal: Protect water for people and nature

Being responsible with the water we depend on is critical to the future of our planet. There's a diverse mix of landscapes, cultures, economies, and climates that make water issues complex and require solutions unique to each river basin.

By 2030, we aim to have clearly defined our priority basins, the partners we'll work with, and the actions needed to address the water challenges specific to each basin. Once that's done, we'll look to advance the solutions to increase their resilience.

98% to our 2030 goal

2030 GOAL: Ensure 70% of washing machine loads are low-energy cycles.
As of 2018, 69% of loads are low-energy.

70% to our 2030 goal

2030 GOAL: Provide 1 billion people with access to water-efficient products.
As of 2018, we've provided access to 700 million people.

Cascade Platinum Action Pacs

Cascade Platinum Action Pacs clean stuck-on food so well you can save more than 20 gallons of water per load.*

Swiffer WetJet

Households using Swiffer Wet or WetJet can save more than 70 gallons of water per year compared to the standard mop and bucket.

Arbor day foundation

2018 Friend of the Forest Award

-The Arbor Day Foundation

Photo - People planting plants

2030 Ambition: Integrate sustainability in our workplace

Our manufacturing organization has made tremendous progress across climate, water, and waste—and that’s driven largely in part by the passion and ingenuity of our employees. If we want any chance of reaching our 2030 goals, we know how important it is to keep them engaged and equipped.

We have developed a detailed environmental responsibility plan for employees across all levels and organizations to make sure they not only know our goals, but have ways to incorporate them into the work they do every day.

Business intelligence group logo

2018 Sustainability Leadership Award and Sustainability Initiative of the Year Award

-Business Intelligence Group

See the latest in our environmental sustainability efforts

German sustainability

January 9, 2018

German Sustainability Partner to Launch First Head & Shoulders Shampoo Bottle with 20% Beach Plastic

Our Head & Shoulders brand kicked off 2018 with a new collaboration with an industry partner.

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Our work doesn't stop here

To get a deeper look at the details of our P&G sustainability efforts, download our Citizenship reports. For more information on our 2030 goals, download our Ambition 2030 plan. This is just the start of our journey to advance progress against our environmental sustainability goals. And as we work, we’ll continue identifying partners and actions we plan to take, and share our progress with you each year.

All goal numbers are representative of progress since 2010.
* Pre-rinsing dishes prior to loading the dishwasher uses up to 20 gallons of water. (Source: Energy Star energystar.gov)