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Our goal is to answer your questions about what’s in the products by providing product ingredient information that is clear, reliable, and accessible. In other words, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here or on P&G brand sites, please let us know so that we can live up to our promise.

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Ingredient choices and how we make them

Some people believe natural product ingredients are safer to use than man-made, synthetic ones. The reality is that it’s not that simple; both natural and synthetic ingredients have a safe range and an unsafe range. Even basics like sunlight, oxygen, and water have safety limits. So what goes into choosing our product ingredients?

1) Safety. First we define the safe range for every ingredient, whether natural or synthetic. Then we apply the same science-based approach as regulatory agencies around the world.

2) Performance. Every ingredient has a role in delivering the performance you expect from our products. We seek to use the best ingredients for our products so that you can use them with confidence.

3) Sustainable Sourcing. Synthetic ingredients can oftentimes be more sustainable than natural ingredients because they require fewer resources. Sustainable features of a product ingredient depend on the resources used in creating it, harvesting it, making the product and then ultimately using the product. And we’re also doing the legwork to ensure we use the most sustainable and earth-friendly solutions.

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