People with Disabilities

People with disabilities in the office

We’re committed to creating a more inclusive world for everyone – both inside and outside the walls of our company, and this includes people with visible and invisible disabilities. We recognize our immense responsibility to drive change for our employees, with our brands, through our partners, and in our communities. We recognize the business building opportunity we have if we make both our company and products more accessible to everyone. We’re making progress each day, and recognize we have work to do to make our company, brands, and services even more inclusive for people with disabilities.

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We are committed to honoring the individuality and unique contributions of our people and ensuring that every single employee shows up to work as their whole, authentic self. We strive to create an inclusive workplace for all P&G people through hiring and management programs to expand our talent pool with more diverse recruitment and ensure proper accommodations are met for all employees.

Inclusive from Day 1

Scott Vannice, a leader for Deaf culture within P&G has also championed our partnership with Gallaudet University and Rochester Institute of Technology to create a pipeline of talent inclusive of Deaf employee candidates. The program resulted in having 4 Deaf interns in 2020 Summer and 2 full-time Deaf hires. Learn more on our #SigningEcosystem.

Danny Lakes

How it feels to be included

Employees with personal experience of neurodiversity are helping us to recruit neurodiverse individuals such as those with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia. Programs have been launched in P&G’s UK, Boston, Costa Rica and Cincinnati offices to learn as a Company how to hire this dynamic talent and to harness candidates’ unique problem-solving skills.

Read our colleague Danny Lakes’ personal story on neurodiversity and how inclusive practices at work made an impact on his life.

We strive to accommodate P&G employees with all abilities by incorporating physical and digital inclusion and accessibility in the workplace with Universal Design. We’re integrating subtitles, automatic speech recognition, and audible captioning in many of our software solutions and establishing an internal Digital Accessibility Hub to enable equal access to communication.


We’re including consumers and employees with disabilities in the design of our products, packaging, advertising and facilities to create a more accessible world and superior experiences for everyone. The more accessible the world can be through inclusive products, packaging, advertising and environments, the less people will feel disabled.

Gillette #EngineeringChange

In 2019, Gillette launched its #ShavingStereotypes movement to challenge and redefine gender stereotypes prevalent in the society. For the latest edition of the campaign #EngineeringChange, Gillette brought to life the true story of Prashant Gade, an engineer who left behind a high-paying job to create the world’s most affordable bionic arm. Prashant is helping thousands of amputees through his Inali Foundation. Through this story, the campaign urges young Indian students to introspect and rethink how education can be a steppingstone for changing more than just their own lives.

P&G logo

Making our brand advertising accessible to people with sight and hearing impairments

We are committed to make our brand advertising, including social media and websites, accessible to people with sight and hearing impairments by 2024, in a step to make our brands more inclusive and accessible to all members of the community. The company will do this for all new brand advertising across India.

Communities & Partners

We’re engaging in partnerships that expand opportunity and provide accessibility and inclusion so that more people thrive in communities where we work and live.

To show our continued commitment to disability inclusion, we joined The Valuable 500, a global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda. As a member of the Valuable 500, we will continue to:

  • provide global workplace accessibility / accommodation policies and practices to meet the needs of employees with varying abilities;
  • expand our talent pool by recruiting, hiring, and retaining people with varying abilities;
  • partner with business and enterprise leaders to actively create accessible products and services to meet the needs of consumers with disabilities.