A team with the future in mind

Our leadership approach is distinctly P&G. We set a clear, rigorous course for developing leaders and growth in every business and region, at every level. As a result, our diverse leadership team is shaping our future with an extensive range of knowledge, experience, and expertise to improve consumers’ lives today and into the future.

David S. Taylor

David Taylor - Chairman of the Board, President and P&G Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jon R. Moeller

Jon R. Moeller - Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Steven D. Bishop

Steven Bishop - Group President, Global Health Care

Chief Executive Officer – Health Care

Gary Coombe

Gary Coombe - President, Global Grooming

Chief Executive Officer – Grooming

Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh

Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh - Group President, Global Family Care and Global Brand Creation and Innovation, P&G Ventures

Chief Executive Officer – Family Care and P&G Ventures

Fama Francisco

Fama Francisco - President, Global Feminine Care

Chief Executive Officer – Baby and Feminine Care

Shailesh G. Jejurikar

Shailesh G. Jejurikar - President, Global Fabric Care, Fabric & Home Care Sector and Executive Sponsor, Global Sustainability

Chief Executive Officer – Fabric and Home Care

R. Alexandra Keith

R. Alexandra Keith - President, Global Hair Care, and Beauty Sector

Chief Executive Officer – Beauty

Laura Becker

Laura Becker

President – Global Business Services

Vittorio Cretella

Cretella Vittorio

Chief Information Officer

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis - President, Global Feminine Care

President – Feminine Care

Philip J. Duncan

Philip Duncan - Global Design Officer

Chief Design Officer

Kathleen B. Fish

Kathleen B. Fish - Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer

Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer

Paul Gama

Paul Gama - President – Personal Health Care

President – Personal Health Care

Tracey Grabowski

Tracey Grabowski - Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Human Resources Officer

Virginie Helias

Virginie Helias - Chief Sustainability Officer

Chief Sustainability Officer

Damon Jones

Damon Jones - Chief Communications Officer

Chief Communications Officer

Henry Karamanoukian

Henry Karamanoukian - Senior Vice President, Go-to-Market, China

President – Go-to-Market, China and Hair Care, Greater China

Deborah P. Majoras

Deborah P. Majoras - Chief Legal Officer and Secretary Executive Sponsor, GABLE

Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Shelly McNamara

McNamara Shelly

Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer Executive Vice President - Human Resources

Julio Nemeth

Julio Nemeth - President, Global Business Services

Chief Product Supply Officer

Ken Patel

Ken Patel - Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Chief Patent Counsel

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Chief Patent Counsel

Juan Fernando Posada

Juan Fernando Posada - President, Latin America Selling & Market Operations

President – Latin America

Matthew S. Price

Matthew S. Price - President, Greater China Selling & Market Operations

President – Greater China

Marc S. Pritchard

Marc S. Pritchard - Chief Brand Officer

Chief Brand Officer

Sundar Raman

Raman Sundar

President – Home Care and P&G Professional

Valarie L. Sheppard

Valarie Sheppard - Senior Vice President, Comptroller and Treasurer

Controller and Treasurer,
and Group Vice President -
Company Transition Leader

Mindy Sherwood

Mindy Sherwood

President – Global Walmart

Kirti Singh

Kirti Singh - Vice President, Global Consumer & Market Knowledge

Chief Analytics and Insights Officer

Markus Strobel

Markus Strobel - President, Global Skin and Personal Care

President – Skin & Personal Care

Magesvaran Suranjan

Magesvaran Suranjan - President, Asia Pacific and India, Middle East and Africa Selling & Market Operations

President – Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Loïc Tassel

Loïc Tassel - President, Europe Selling & Market Operations

President – Europe

Carolyn Tastad

Carolyn Tastad - Group President, North America, Selling & Market Operations and Executive Sponsor, Gender Equality

Group President – North America and Chief Sales Officer

Monica Turner

Turner Monica

President - Sales, North America