Gender equality

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We aspire to build a better world for all of us — inside and outside of P&G. A world free from gender bias, with equal voice and equal representation for all individuals. A world where everyone sees equal. When we do this, economies grow, communities are healthier, businesses can thrive, and the world is a better place for everyone.

At P&G, we’re focused on three areas where we can have the greatest impact. First, we’re leveraging our significant voice in advertising and media to tackle gender bias. We’re also removing barriers to education for girls and economic opportunities for women through corporate and brand programs and policy advocacy. And we’re creating an inclusive, gender-equal environment within P&G, while advocating for gender and intersectional equality in workplaces everywhere, so that everyone can contribute to their full potential. In each of these areas, we partner with highly-engaged organizations that share our commitment, combining our resources, talents and skills to have a bigger impact.

We focus on three areas where we can uniquely make a difference. Click to jump to each section and learn more.

Advertising & Media

The Association of National Advertisers #SeeHer study showed that 40% of women feel they are inaccurately portrayed through some form of stereotyping, objectification or diminished character. As one of the biggest advertisers in the world, we leverage our powerful voice to help tackle bias and motivate change.

Education & economic opportunities

Every girl deserves access to education. And as a woman, she deserves to live to her fullest potential. Economic equality can only make our world stronger. Through our company and brand impact programs, we’re helping to make gender equality possible.

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Empowering marginalized girls through education

We are committed to breaking gender-biased barriers to education for girls in India. In partnership with the ‘Save The Children’, we are supporting 49 government-run residential Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya’s (KGBV) and 36 regular schools across 7 districts of Rajasthan to provide quality education to girls through holistic infrastructure and learning interventions. As schools remained closed due to the pandemic, we continued to empower marginalized girls through home based remote learning via WhatsApp and organized learning activities within the community. We also continued to engage parents to emphasize continuity of education and minimize dropouts. Through this, we reached out to nearly 7000 girl students and more than 4600 parents during the year.

Inclusive Environment Inside and Outside P&G

The Women's Interactive Network

The Women's Interactive Network

It has been our mission to foster an environment within P&G where every employee feels valued and respected. We have set-up Women’s Interactive Network (iWIN) to create a community for women, helping ensure that women’s skills and insights are well represented at all levels of leadership. iWIN organizes events and programs that promote mentoring, sponsorship, development of leadership skills, flexibility and increasing representation of women throughout the Company.

But wait, there's more

We’re always working on something else. For information about our gender equality efforts, check out our 2022 P&G India Subcontinent Citizenship Report.