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We See Equal

Many of our products are made uniquely for women and men. We have deep insights into their lives, their challenges, and their aspirations. So when it comes to the gender bias they face, it’s up to us to help change the narrative.

In 2017, we launched this gender equality campaign to show the world as we see it—equal. It’s been viewed millions of times in more than 180 countries.

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We focus on three areas where we can uniquely make a difference. Click to jump to each section and learn more.

Advertising & media

As one of the biggest advertisers in the world, we leverage our powerful voice to help break down stereotypes and motivate change.

Latest Share the load from #SonsShareTheLoad

Ariel’s simple #ShareTheLoad campaign, which asks some tough questions, has successfully triggered a conversation on equal distribution of household chores between all members of a family irrespective of gender. In 2015, when Ariel launched its first #ShareTheLoad campaign, statistics showed that 79% men thought ‘household chores are a woman’s job’. In 2016, 63% married men thought household chores are a woman’s/daughter’s job while all ‘outside’ work is a man’s/son’s job. However, in 2018, this number was down to 52%, signifying that change has indeed begun.

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Whisper #SitImproper

Whisper's 'Sit Improper' campaign focused on breaking the age-old stereotypes about gender expectations. It was based on the insight that Indian girls are expected to live by a set of standards imposed upon them by the society - from the way they should sit, to even the aspirations they must pursue or not pursue. The movement created a revolution and gave women the license to sit the way they want without the fear of being judged.

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Gillette #ShavingStereotypes

The Gillette campaign showcases the story of sisters Jyoti and Neha Narayan who have challenged gender stereotypes prevalent in Indian villages by running their father’s barbershop. As a part of Gillette’s ongoing Safalta Apni Mutthi Mein program, both the girls received scholarships covering their education and professional needs. Gillette also provided Neha and Jyoti skill set training for styling and grooming, through a top salon academy. On completion, both will get a job opportunity to work at one of India’s premium salon, Hakim Aalim.

Watch video: #ShavingStereotypes

Education & economic opportunities

Every girl deserves access to education. And as a woman, she deserves to live to her fullest potential. Economic equality can only make our world stronger. Through our company and brand impact programmes, we’re helping to make gender equality possible.

Whisper School Program

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In 1995, Whisper introduced its flagship ‘Whisper School Program’, a health and hygiene program wherein we educate girls on Menstrual Hygiene practices and build their confidence to overcome the overwhelming challenges that they face during puberty. Today, we run this program with the active support of 40,000 schools educating about 5 million adolescent girls annually. Since 1995, we have educated more than 2.5 crore girls about menstrual hygiene.

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Inclusive environment inside P&G

We’re committed to creating a culture where everyone is treated equally and can contribute to their full potential. It’s why achieving a 50/50 representation in all parts of our company is a top priority.

Breaking STEM Myths

Women working in office

Our Mandideep distribution centre employs female material handling equipment operators. The women employees were trained on handling material with a forklift, warehouse management system, safety procedures, racking operations and emergency procedures. They were also imparted practical training on handling pellets which helped build their confidence and set them up for success.

But wait, there's more

We’re always working on something else. For information about our gender equality efforts or to see the full list of our partners, download our Citizenship Reports.