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The greater good is in the details

It’s simple. We want to lead the charge in doing the right thing. Our goal is to use every opportunity we have—no matter how small—to set change in motion. To be a force for good and a force for growth. For you, for the world, and for every generation to come.

People, science, the environment and products around the world

Our philosophy

We have operations in nearly 70 countries and one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality brands—used by nearly 5 billion people around the world. While we serve the world’s consumers, we’re also committed to being one of the world’s most socially responsible companies.

P&G brands, employees, operations, and partners work together to make that difference—by being more transparent, building collaborative partnerships, respecting human rights, sourcing responsibly…generally doing what’s right.

It’s what sets us apart.

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P&G Sustainability

Environmental sustainability has been a part of our business for decades. To ensure that you can enjoy the products you love today without sacrificing tomorrow, we’ve put goals in place to help us work toward our long-term vision.

Sustainability: Enable responsible life

Enable responsible consumption, packaging, ingredients, and safety

Sustainability: Reduce our footprint - Icon

Reduce our footprint, protect the forests, and improve livelihoods of palm smallholders

Sustainability: Advance recycling solutions - Icon

Ensure packaging won’t find its way to the ocean, protect water, and advance recycling solutions

Sustainability: Integrate sustainability into business plans - Icon

Educate employees, integrate sustainability into business plans, and reward progress

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Community impact

We want to make every day better for people in communities we operate. We focus on where we can uniquely bring value and where our brands and people can make the biggest difference.

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Through our flagship CSR program 'P&G Shiksha' we have built and supported more than 1800 schools that will impact more than 1.4 million lives

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Supporting those affected by disasters through our timely disaster relief program. In recent years, we have supported families impacted by the Kerala floods in 2018, cyclone FANI in 2019 and floods of western India in 2019.

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Gender Equality

Gender equality

We aspire to build a better world for us all—free from bias and with an equal voice and representation for women and men. A world where everyone sees equal.

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We are leveraging our voice in advertising and media to bring change. Our campaigns like Ariel #ShareTheLoad & Gillette #ShavingStereotypes sparked conversations that motivated change

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We’re working toward 50/50 representation of men and women in our company

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Diversity & inclusion

Unique perspectives, traditions, and experiences make us stronger. That’s why our team represents multiple religions, over 145 nationalities, and is also a proud supporter of LGBT rights.

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We set up the GABLE network for fostering workplace equality for the LGBT+ employees with chapters in every part of the world including India

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We have partnered with Catalyst on their MARC™ (Men Advocating Real Change) initiative to engage the hearts and minds of men as full parthers in achieving gender equality inside and outside P&G.

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Our Commitment to #BeCrueltyFree

We are calling for an end to all animal testing of cosmetic products globally, and we’re proud to partner with Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree Campaign to advance that vision.

Our support of #BeCrueltyFree is another step in our long-term commitment to make animal testing obsolete. Our journey began over 40 years ago through ongoing research, investment and partnerships to develop and promote the use of alternatives to animal testing. These efforts have contributed to the greater good, enabling us and others to develop products that have not been tested on animals. Our contributions include:

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Investing almost $460 million over 40 years in alternatives to animal testing, our researchers pioneering over 25 non-animal methods, publishing more than 1,000 scientific articles.


Partnering with leading international animal welfare organizations, academia, and industry coalitions to to promote use of non-animal, cruelty-free methods around the world.

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Advocating for public use of non-animal methods and adoption by scientists and policy makers around the world for over 25 years.

#BeCrueltyFree Commitment
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Human Toxicology Project Consortium


Corporate citizenship is one of our top priorities. To see all the good we and some of our goals for the future, download our latest global Corporate Citizenship Reports.